Air preheater studies

BD Heat Germany provides engineering services that can help our customers make the most of their already installed air preheater and optimize their choice when considering installing a new system.

1. Air Preheater

Performance evaluation Study

BD Heat Germany is able to perform detailed heat balances to evaluate the performance of an already existing air preheater. We use a thermodynamical model to reproduce the status-quo of your plant set-up, taking into account:

  • flue gas and combustion air temperatures
  • flue gas composition
  • configuration and dimensions of current air preheater
  • further plant particularities

In this way, we create a foundation to understand the maximum heat recovery potential of any plant.




Due to our expertise with both multi-staged/single-staged cross-flow and counter-flow air preheater configurations, respectively, BD Heat Germany can identify the solution that best fits our customers' current plant set-up in terms of:

  • heat recovery target
  • available installation space
  • weight restrictions
  • acid dew point precautions

Comparing the improved scenario with the previously calculated status-quo, we provide the necessary information so that our customers can make the economically most viable investment choice.  

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